Time for a Change

New website! New name! Still offering the same spiritual sessions and services!

Karen Rose

4/2/20242 min read

This year, which is an 8 year of infinite possibilities by the way, I knew I had some big changes to make! My business is still called Karen Rose Wellness but I changed my website's name to Me and Spirit. I had to change to change my website provider because even though I used my previous website host for years, I was not able to make the kinds of changes I wanted using that hosting company and what was even worse, when people went to use the link on one of my social pages, it said that the link was not safe to use. That's not good, right? So I found a new hosting website provider through a friend and here I am! Ready to make Big Changes! I also have a Toll Free number so anyone anywhere in the world can call to inquire about my sessions, book or have a session and it doesn't cost them anything to call that number. Things are looking pretty wonderful for my spiritual business right now.

I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful clients I have helped over the past sixteen years when I heard a horse whisper, "Thank you," after I helped her heal her injured leg. People in the community heard what I could do and they phoned me to ask me to come and look at their horses. Soon I added dogs and cats to my sessions and the next thing you know, the pets were offering spiritual advice to their owners. That's how I became a psychic reader. Add a few ghosts and spiritual messengers and I added mediumship readings too. It all started so many years ago when I could see ghosts but didn't tell anyone. After I took my first two levels of Reiki training in 1997, my psychic ability was amped up and I was intrigued. My intuition was intensified and after beginning a meditation routine, I was hooked! Because I love to learn I finished my Reiki Master training in 2008, Conscious Awareness Practitioner and Instructor 2005, in Past life Regression Hypnotherapy training in 2015 and Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach in 2021.

I have a lot of information to share with all of my clients. As well, I work extremely diligently to maintain a connection with all of my spiritual guides, my guardian angel and the Source, of course.

Work with me to discover more about yourself than you ever imagined. A session is just an email or call away!