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two person holding papercut heart
two person holding papercut heart

Karen's sessions have been life-changing for me. Highly recommend!

person holding white and black i am a good day card
person holding white and black i am a good day card

I'm so grateful for Karen's guidance. She has helped me transform my life.

​I've had two sessions now with Karen over the course of a month. During this month my confidence has grown, my power has grown, and my love for self has grown. Karen has shown me some blind spots of what I'm not able to see myself through her knowledge and intuition. She has helped me navigate some of my own feelings that I was not ready to look at. Karen has such a present energy. She is a witty, funny, playful and truthful woman. I'm very excited about my future and Karen has helped me see my truest potential. There have been major shift with my energy and with what was holding me back. With such powerful words of affirmation Karen provided me with has helped shift things beyond worlds! -- Christine, Australia

Karen is a ray of sunshine! You can't help but feel elevated by her energy, it's even tangible through virtual sessions. She has a wonderful way of making a person feel seen, and keeps things light with her laughter. --Jill, Alberta, Canada

The session definitely cleared up a lot of questions and thoughts. Felt more grounded after. --Sharon, New York, USA

Thanks Karen for the great session. It always surprises me how much better I feel after talking with you. My biggest takeaway from that session was about sleep. I've had insomnia for years now and have tried a few things - some worked, some didn't. I don't want to be reliant on anything though. Your suggestion for using affirmations has been amazing. I use them before I got to sleep and when I wake up in the night. I'm falling asleep much quicker and no longer lay there awake for hours. When I do wake up, I do the affirmations and quickly fall asleep. That's life changing for sure! --Mari, Alberta, Canada

​I met Karen when I found out she was an animal whisperer. My pet Westie, Piper, was having issues and Karen really helped. During her visits to see Piper I discovered that she worked with humans too! Karen is so gifted and interesting. One of the most wonderful sessions I had with her was helping me process the grief and loss of my father. Karen is so supportive, caring and insightful. I love how she holds space and keeps the healing time light and fun. I highly recommend you have a session with Karen. -- Allie, Alberta, Canada

I have known Karen for many years now. I first reached out to get some behavioural help I was having with my two pets, Missy, my cat, and Chica, my dog. After the session Karen was able to communicate with them, they stopped their bad behaviours. I was then excited to learn that Karen also works with humans. Karen offers many modalities, for your pets, for your business, and for you personally. I highly recommend Karen as she is very intuitive, aware of your needs and of your pets' needs. -- Diane, Alberta, Canada

​I met Karen about two years ago through a metaphysical store that we both went to where she would do readings at. I've always struggled with my mental health from a young age and the energies I carried around with me from myself and from others. I decided to take a leap of faith and booked a session with er at her home and I've never looked back, I can not say enough good things about her. She welcomed me with such warming, loving and safe energy, and we began to work on my healing journey. I've had many sessions with her, including a couple of pet sessions, She gives you the insight on where certain energies are coming from, whether its from your past live or your current life, and how to deal with them or how to let them go. She has helped me so much within the last two years I'm not sure where my journey would have taken me if I wouldn't have met her. Every chance I get I tell people about her sessions and recommend her to them. I highly recommend, if you're thinking about getting a session with her, or you're a little hesitant, just do it. You won't regret it. -- Danielle, Alberta, Canada

Karen is my go to for all of my needs. She has helped me shift and she's helped all my family members as well including my pets. I originally came for my German Shepard years ago when she had her Animal Whispers business and things have been better ever since for all of us.-- Stephanie, Alberta, Canada

I was graced with Karen's presence af ew years ago a little shops called Magic Happens Metaphysical (formerly Gypsy Chicks) in Stony Plain, Alberta. I remember her beautiful bright eyes and the immediate conversations that followed. Since Karen has the ability to see inside a person's body, I remember her telling me, "you need more fibre!" She was right. That same day, I sat in with a Spirit session with a friend. During that time I thought, "THIS is what I've been missing in my life." I needed spiritual guidance to learn about karmic lessons as well as mind, body, and soul healing so that I could live a more loving life with peace and abundance. Karen has taught me the importance of meditation, journaling, how our words become our reality, and how to nurture the mind, body, and soul with exercise and diet. And more recently, how to cut energetic cords from people who are negative. Over the years, I have watched Karen's videos on YouTube, read her posts on Instagram or Facebook and joined in on the many mother earth healing lives and spiritual sessions she offers. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with Karen because she has absolutely helped me to bring more love and abundance into my l ife. There is always something new to learn frothier, and I always look forward to what she will teach me next. -- Julia, Alberta, Canada
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