About Karen Rose

Karen Rose is an Energy Healer, Psychic/Medium, Energy Reader, Animal Communicator & Healer and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. She would LOVE to work with you!

Karen was born in the town of Spirit River in Alberta, Canada, close by the Peace River. If you asked her she would say that she was born in the right place because of those names. She truly aspires for a peaceful existence with Spirit in mind. Although she was born and raised in Canada, she has lived in Thailand, Brazil, Switzerland, and now resides in California in the United States.

Karen has experienced inspiring ​situations which helped her become a healer, psychic medium reader and past life regression hypnotherapist. She often discusses these experiences in her blog, social media posts and even during her live events.

Her metaphysical business all began with a horse that wanted to be healed! After people heard what she could do, they booked her so she could help their horses and then their dogs and cats. Soon these pet sessions turned into spiritual information for the owners and the rest is history!

Karen encourages people to work with her so that they can become conscious creators of their lives. Many of Karen's clients are now focused on consciously creating their lives with peace and empowerment.

A session is just an email or phone call away. Begin to work with Karen and change your life starting today!


Communicator & Healer, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Bachelor of Metaphysical Studies, University of Metaphysical Studies, 2023 - present

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, 2022, International Sports Sciences Association

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Certification by Past Life Regression and Progression with Chris Lee, 2015

Reiki Master, With Reiki Master Karen Coogan, 2008

Conscious Awareness Practitioner & Instructor, Training with Michelle Pratt, 2005

ESL Certification 1998, New Jersey College, 1998

Reiki Levels 1 & 2, With Reiki Master Zanza Ponder, 1997

Masters of Education 1997, Michigan State University, 1997

Alpine Ski & Volleyball Coach, 1988, National Canadian Coaches Program, 1988

Bachelors of Education, University of Alberta, 1987

Education & Training

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Karen helps you create Peace & Harmony in your life while assisting you in understanding of Why You Are Here