Tapping into Your Spiritual Self

Realizing your spiritual self can be daunting. Karen explains how you can tap into your spiritual or higher self with peace and ease.

Karen Rose

4/13/20242 min read

sitting buddha beside pillar candles
sitting buddha beside pillar candles

Tapping into your spiritual self, your higher self or your God self can be confusing, challenging or limited. That's why I do what I do! Here are some ways you can tap into your higher self:

  1. Begin seated either in a chair with your feet flat on the floor with shoes off, bare feet is best and being on a wood floor is even better. It's great to meditate outside as well. If you have access to a dark room that is awesome. If not, use a blindfold to keep light from distracting your focus and concentration. Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable.

  2. Make sure you eliminate distractions before you begin. This means closing the door to the area where you are meditating, turning your phone on silent or leaving it in a different room. Even music can be a distraction so try this meditation without any sounds.

  3. Choose one word to help you connect with Source Energy, your higher self, your God self, your spiritual self. This word can be any word that you feel is going to help you with your real, true and authentic energetic self. Words like love, peace, harmony, acceptance, God are a few to help put you on the right path to choosing your word.

  4. With your eyes closed, begin to think that word into your third eye located in the middle of your head right above and between your eye brows. You can say this word outloud if you find that your mind chatters too much or your mind drifts to random thoughts, people, situations or anything you desire to deal with on a subconscious level. This is why your mind goes there. It desires to deal with it but the challenge in a meditation is to direct and focus on one thing!

  5. Stay seated as long as you need to in order to focus on your mind on the one word you chose, until you feel a connection to the Divine and you feel so calm and good. That's how you know that you are done! You have achieved connecting with your divine self.

    Use this meditation whenever you feel off, bored, frustrated or just disconnected with your pure, true, divine self. It's always there but sometimes it gets shoved down way deep down inside of you. The trick to living a true, authentic beautiful divinely guided life that is guided by your higher self is by devoting time each and every day connecting to your beautiful true and authentically divine self.

    It has been said that we have all been created in the image of God, that we are God like but many people have been taught and believe that God is separate from themselves. This is not true and may have been designed to keep people in the position of being powerless. Now that you understand that your life does not have to be this way, you can choose to connect with Source Energy understanding that you are Source Energy. Woah! That's pretty powerful, isn't it?